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About Us

We inspire each other

We are a diverse group of graduate students, postdocs and professionals with different backgrounds and experiences who are passionate about creating a space to have conversations about mental health in academia. Dragonfly Mental Health is an international organization that spreads awareness of mental health issues within academia. Together, we have created a conference and are curating resources from across the globe to support our peers.

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Our Story

Over the past few years, the importance of mental health in higher education, especially among students, has been brought to light. To address the issue locally, we have developed some tools and gathered resources. However, implementing new ideas is challenging, and systemic resistance often poses a problem. We recognize that this is not a unique challenge, which is why we decided to organize this international conference to approach the problem as a community. 

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Our Mission

  • Provide a safe and collaborative platform for you to share your knowledge and learn from others

  • Normalize the discussion of mental health, prioritize work-life balance, and discourage the glorification of toxic work culture 

  • Provide tools and accumulated resources to start building your own support network 

  • Make the conference and resources accessible to anyone worldwide

  • Promote a healthier academic environment by fundraising for non-profit organizations starting with Dragonfly Mental Health

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Organizing Committee

Alaa Alsaafin
Committee Lead & Marketing Associate

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Alexandra Magliocco
Speaker Liaison Director

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Rohma Ramay
Content Creation Director
    Shiropa Noor
    Resource Curation Associate
      Olya - Olga Vvedenskaya.jpg
      Olga Vvedenskaya
      Dragonfly Collaborator

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      Aleksandra Marakhovskaia
      Committee Lead & Resource Curation Associate
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      Patricia Di Ciano
      Speaker Liaison Associate
        Heather Lazzaro
        Content Creation Associate
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        Lucia Rotheray
        IT Director

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        Alison Jee
        Committee Lead & IT Director

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        Jalisa Karim
        Speaker Liaison Associate
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        Yilin Sun
        Marketing Associate

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        Rachel Chu
        IT Associate

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        Catharine Mielnik
        Speaker Liaison Directo

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        Emma Russo
        Speaker Liaison Associate
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        Maggie Mak
        Resource Curation Associate
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        Ana Andreazza
        Finance & Fundraising Director
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