FAQ 2021

Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about the MINDS Conference 2021.

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Am I allowed to attend any session?

Yes! That is the beauty of our 24-hour conference. Feel free to curate your personalized agenda by attending any session you are interested in that works for your schedule. 

Are the sessions recorded?

Panels and certain workshops will be recorded and hosted on mindsinacademia.com after the event. 

I’m interested in a specific session that does not work for my timezone. Is there a workaround?

Not all sessions will be recorded, however, the ones that will be can be found at mindsinacademia.com after the event. Check them out. 

How early can I show up for sessions?

We ask that you log in 5 minutes before the start of the sessions. The sessions will start promptly at the indicated times on the agenda.

Is there a way I can provide feedback on the sessions or overall experience?

We will provide a feedback survey on the overall experience at the end of the conference; we highly encourage you to fill it out for better programming in future years. If the issue is urgent, feel free to reach out to us here.

How can I reach out to individual attendees?

Feel free to use the Zoom direct-messaging chat feature or message on Slack to exchange contact information and take your discussion outside of our conference. 

Are there networking opportunities?

We will be including a Slack workspace link in the confirmation email. Feel free to network with our guests and get the conversation going before and during the conference!